For a couple’s relationship to remain healthy, there must be a sense of predictability and stability, but also some novelty and flexibility. No other type of relationship requires us to “spice up” the relationship or continually seek to improve ourselves. We are to do all that while withstanding the stresses of life. What a huge task! No wonder couples run into difficulty.

I believe that positive change occurs when you and your partner can see that neither of you is the enemy. In fact, it is the negative pattern of relating to each other that threatens your relationship. When we experience external stressors, happy life events or tragic ones, our negative pattern of relating intensifies. We can become controlling, competitive with each other or communicate by nagging, attacking, blaming or even guilt-tripping.

Let’s team up against that negative pattern and reclaim the special joy the two of you once shared. My goal is that you leave feeling a deeper appreciation and connection to each other that will make your relationship resilient to life’s challenges.

I begin by building communication skills that immediately reduce tension and anxiety. With newfound relief, partners can freely express themselves in an articulate, respectful manner that promotes willingness from each to listen with genuine interest. From there, we as team can organize and clarify the obstacles that jeopardize the relationship. In a safe, supportive environment, I will help you to go beyond the surface discord to unlocking the core issues where astounding personal growth and self-awareness occur. The couples I work with develop better capacity for connectedness, attachment and commitment to each other. This is lasting transformation.